Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blooming Tea

Drinking Tea in the winter is nice. But in this warm summer weather you just want something extra with your tea. Not just boring warm water. You want flowers in your tea, real flowers! Something to look at when you are baking in the hot sun. Never heard of it, blooming tea? Well that will change when you've seen this.

Blooming tea. The name says it all. Tea that will bloom in your hot water. I've bought these for myself from Ebay. I know Ebay, Ebay, Ebay. Maby I'm talking to much about it, but it's just to Awesome to not talk about. These little green things are the tea. Not looking that beautyfull. But as you saw on the frontpage they have cute shapes. Some have pink on the outside. From Ebay you get 10 in one package. They all have a name, but it's always a suprise what will come out.
You need one bol on 1 liter water. Those things are the best in a glass teapot, reasons are known I guess.


It's really fun to watch the full progress. You can really see the flower grow. The taste of the tea is strong. When your teapot is empty you can pour a liter of water in again. 

A really fun way to drink something hot in these hot days.